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Social Commerce

It's more than a buzzword. Social Commerce is an effective method to engage with your customers, cultivate relationships, generate revenue, and increase lifetime customer value.

Increases in Customer Engagement Increase Sales

For brands, participation in social media is no longer an option. It is now a necessity. Online retailers are also seeing the benefits of promoting their eCommerce sites through various social media channels in what is becoming more commonly known as Social Commerce. It's not just about promoting products. It is also an opportunity to promote the selling of products. As with any type of advertising, the idea is to position your business where people go to hang out. In the real world, that usually means shopping centers. Online, that means social media channels. Referral traffic from social media channels is at an all-time high, and those numbers are continuing to grow as product pages - for brands and retailers - are readily able to be shared across social media channels. At eCart Consulting, we have the expertise and experience to define your space in the social stratosphere, launch a comprehensive plan to encourage more interaction, measure the value of such efforts, and even enable you to sell your products within Facebook.


Facebook and Twitter account setup and designIdentification of other applicable channels
Formulation of a social engagement strategySet up Facebook Open Graph protocol
Set up Facebook InsightsSet up 3rd party Twitter analytics
Social widget on-site implementationIntegration with Google Analytics
Analysis report of social strategy effectivenessCreation, setup, and launch of Facebook promotions
Facebook advertising through promotionMonthly reporting on identified social KPI's
Focused engagement strategy and training of your CSR'sBrand monitoring
F-Commerce implementation and marketingContinuous upgrading of social tools as needed·

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