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Mobile Commerce

Today's consumers are adopting mobile commerce at a feverish pace, and the ever-growing importance of being where your customers are requires you to support these technologies.

Commerce on the Go

We always advise our clients to "be where your customers" are. Increasingly, consumers are using mobile devices for everyday web browsing and shopping, so naturally, ensuring that a strong mobile strategy is in place is important for reaching those customers. We're not just buying into the hype. Statistic after statistic indicates how influential mobile has become in the overall shopping experience of consumers.

Mobile Web

The first decision to make pertaining to mobile is whether to offer your solution as a native app or via the web. Both options have their pros and cons, but a mobile application's benefits shine when you're able to leverage native device features (GPS, camera, etc.) to enhance the user experience. Otherwise, a mobile web presence offers the greatest coverage and support among the wide variety of devices and mobile operating systems.

HTML5 Optimized

The first option for a mobile website is to take your existing eCommerce site and optimize it for mobile devices. This leverages HTML5 coding to ensure the mobile experience reflects that of the site as if you were on a laptop or desktop computer.

Responsive eCommerce

A second option for creating an optimized mobile web presence is to leverage responsive design techniques and application in the development of your site. This essentially defines how your single website will look based on different browser resolutions. Typically, these resolutions are grouped into computer resolutions, tablet resolutions, and smartphone resolutions. The look of your eCommerce site is built to scale based on the resolution of the user's device, thus creating an experience that is tuned for each.

Mobile Website

Alternatively, you can opt to create a mobile-specific version of your website. This oftentimes leverages the capabilities of your eCommerce platform in defining a specific theme to be used for those browsing on mobile devices. This provides a detailed level of control for creating a mobile experience based on a mobile-specific design.


As a Magento Gold Solution Partner, we are able to work with our clients on selecting the best technical approach to their mobile needs. There are many options, and understanding the technical implications of them - the pros and cons - is important in weighing the decision of which mCommerce solution is the best fit for your current and long-term needs.

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