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Experience Engineering

Each touch point you have with a customer is an opportunity to lose that customer. In order to make sure you're building lifetime customer value, you should be continually evaluating those touch points to identify opportunities for improvement.

Ensure that Today's Customers are Tomorrow's Customers

“Lifetime value” isn’t a buzzword. It’s good business. With soaring costs per customer acquisition, engaging your customers on-site is vital, but even that's not enough. Experience Engineering is about engineering a desirable feeling (love?) for your brand throughout the entire customer experience, including: how they found your site, their time on the site, their experience over the phone, any emails they may receive, and even how the products they order arrive in the box. Every touch point between you and your customer is evaluated and optimized to maximize their lifetime value.

Experience Engineering is to quantify the lifetime value of your customer and then work with you to create an experience that enhances this critical metric. We build the KPIs needed to quantify the elusive lifetime value metric specifically for your business, your customers, and your market. After establishing these critical benchmarks, we will audit and model your customers' experience with your company. Every possible aspect and touch point of their experience with your store or brand is compared to eCart Consulting's best practices and then modified to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our Experience Engineering services helps companies define the dimensions that impact lifetime customer value and deploys a program of ongoing improvements to engineer a customer experience that builds indelible brands, higher conversions, and repeat customers.

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