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We're big believers in making data-driven decisions, but more often than not, we're surprised at how few companies actually use analytics data to make strategic decisions. Don't fall victim to analytics neglect.

Your Data Can Do More for You Than You Know

When correctly implemented and interpreted, web analytics provide eCommerce merchants with a wealth of valuable, actionable data that can be leveraged for great benefit. The data derived from a proper implementation can tell an experienced interpreter where your sales are coming from, the amount of revenue generated from each of your online marketing efforts, what your customers are looking for, and where they are being lost. Analytics can also serve as a control and feedback loop for diagnosing coding problems, compatibility issues, improving your SEO, and increasing your store’s conversion rate. This is why every development project executed by eCart Consulting must undergo our Google Analytics Tracking Checklist before going live.

eCart Consulting is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, which means we have a wealth of experience in the implementation, training, and interpretation of web analytics. We dedicate a Google Analytics IQ professional to all of our analytics customers to ensure that they are getting the most out of their data. If you feel you’re not taking full advantage of the data your online store is capable of providing, contact us for more information on how we can help.


KPI trending over timeBounce rate analysis
Inbound keyphrase performanceSite search recommendations
Conversion funnel analysisReferral performance analysis
Advanced tracking implementationBrowser & technology breakdown
Custom segment definition & analysisDefine & setup additional goal funnels
KPI specific dashboards & custom reportsMonthly analysis, reporting
Competitive intelHeatmap implementation & analysis
User feedback researchOngoing recommendations

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