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Affiliate Marketing

You're not the only one who can be sending customers to your site. Affiliate networks can be a great way to add additional revenue streams to your business, especially if they are properly managed.

Virtual Sales Reps Can Provide Predictable ROI

It's not uncommon to become so focused on what you can be doing to increase your site's revenue that you forget what others can do to increase your revenue. There are thousands of affiliate advertisers whose sole focus is to drive customers to other people's business. When the traffic they send to you converts to a sale, they receive a predetermined commission of that sale. If your margins allow for such commissions, an affiliate marketing program is a great way to generate extra revenue.

Achieving a highly successful affiliate marketing program is no easy task, however. It needs to be properly managed and regulated, but when implemented correctly, it can provide you with an additional revenue stream that has a much more predictable cost than almost any other form of digital marketing.

Whether you’re thinking about launching an affiliate program for your online store or wondering if your existing affiliate program could use further improvement, Blue Acorn’s outsourced program management will ensure it reaches its full potential.


Definition of margins and commissions given to affiliatesEvaluation and selection of affiliate networks
Creation of affiliate program terms and conditionsContact and negotiate terms with affiliate networks
Creation of content for affiliate information page on websiteAffiliate monitoring···Banner creation
Ongoing updates to affiliate networks regarding site promotionsRecruiting new affiliates
Affiliate rewards program management

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